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what to expect

Massage is a fantastic tool for helping maintain a healthy balance in body and mind. In an ideal world we would all have a full body massage every week, but this is not always possible so we can find the approach that best suits your needs and circumstances.


Regular massage can help

            *  ease stiffness in muscles, release tensions that can cause pain

            *  situmlate all body processes, such as circulation

            *  aid relaxation and soothe the nervous system, thereby decreasing stress and heart rate

            *  promote restful sleep

            *  improve muscle tone, break down scar tissue and boost skin tone

            *  boost the immune system

            *  offer a similar effect to exercise in the release of endorphines and feeling of general wellbeing

The first time you come for a treatment we will do a consultation, which will cover your personal details, medical history and general lifestyle. It will also be a chance for you to let me know exactly what you want from your treatment and any particular likes or dislikes you have. This paints a good picture of who you are and what will be the best plan of action for you.


For subsequent treatments, a 5-minute catch-up allows me to check if any of your details have changed, to gather feedback from previous sessions and to select oils appropriate to your needs of that day.


You will be left in privacy to undress and you will be kept covered with towels, other than the part being worked, at all times during the treatment.


Some people enjoy talking through their treatment, others prefer to drift off - this is up to you and you will have the peace, silence, music or conversation that you want.


Please note that treatment times - eg 1 hour massage - include consultation, undressing and dressing times.

what will happen when I come for a massage?

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