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how often is 'regular massage'?

What constitutes as 'regular massage' may vary from person to person depending on what you want to achieve and what role you give massage to play in your life.


Generally speaking, 'regular' is anything from every 1-6weeks, so here are a few examples why you might choose these various options to space your massages:


Weekly massage - I believe this is the optimum and this is what I try to do myself. I find it helps stop things building up to feel overwhelming or painful, helps lower stress levels and eases tensions from my massage work, time on the computer, time on the sofa (!) and exercise. Weekly massage is recommended for you if you:

         * are training intensively and want to avoid injury and achieve optimum performance

         * have chronic or recurring discomfort

         * use your body repetitively day to day, for example spend long hours at the computer

         * lead a stressful life and would appreciate some respite and restoration to help manage this

         * have trouble 'switching off', sleeping, concentrating or mustering enthusiasm

         * have a specific issue that we decide to work on intensively for a limited period


Fortnightly massage - while weekly massage may be optimum, it may not be a viable option for you with time or financial constraints that we all have, so fortnightly massage might be a more achievable option for the same reasons as weekly


Monthly massage - this can be an obvious option in terms of budgeting and is generally good for you if you:

          * are looking for 'maintainance massage', perhaps to help prevent the return of a problem that needed more          intensive treatment previously

         * want to find a bit of peace, space and time to restore

         * generally feel ok, but are prone to a build up in tension around the shoulders that massage can help shift

         * know that massage really helps but sometimes forget to book an appointment and end up in pain


Often I will recommend that you come for an intensive course of weekly treatments (generaly 4-6) then come for 'maintainance massage' every 3-6 weeks.



Three things I suggest you bear in mind when you are deciding how often you want to have a massage:


          * Prevention is better than cure - it may feel extravagant to have a massage every few weeks, but your body is your vehicle for life and you can help avoid intense treatments down the line to 'undo' damage that could have been prevented

         * Pain from muscle tension is generally a late response rather than an early symptom. In other words, by the time you feel that unbearable pain in your shoulders, neck or lower back, there is likely to have been a steady build up of tension and compensation for that tension so this will take time to deal with. Far better to catch it before you have to suffer the pain

         * We lead frantic, stressful and pressurised lives and it is ok to take a bit of time out and ask for a bit of help in helping your mind switch off, your body let go and the two to find some harmony and balance

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