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reduced rates

I have found that massage can be helpful to people in later life, especially as mobility becomes more difficult. The normal benefits of massage (see below) are of particular importance as we get older and it can be a valuable asset in an approach to improve quality of life.


Regular massage can help

            *  ease stiffness in muscles, release tensions that can cause pain

            *  stimulate all body processes, such as circulation

            *  aid relaxation and soothe the nervous system, thereby decreasing stress and heart rate

            *  promote restful sleep

            *  improve muscle tone, break down scar tissue and boost skin tone

            *  boost the immune system

            *  offer a similar effect to exercise in the release of endorphins and feeling of general wellbeing

reduced rates for people aged 70+

I think everyone can get some benefit from regular massage and I want to make my treatments more accessible to people whom I feel would especially benefit from coming regularly. The following groups are eligible for a reduced rate with me, with 1hr massage at £50 or 90mins for £70. Please contact me with any queries.

I work with a number of people who are living with chronic pain and see the release and respite, albeit temporary, that regular massage can give. I appreciate it can be endlessly frustrating to have constant discomfort and many clients find themselves in a cycle of pain with side-effects from medication and often associated anxiety, stress and depression.


Massage will not cure chronic pain, but it can help to provide some temporary release to body and mind. Having regular sessions can give a much needed space, unrushed time to switch off, be looked after and feel some benefit from positive touch and soothing muscle work.


As well as the general benefits outlined above, massage can help provide temporary relief* from conditions such as:

            *  rheumatoid arthritis (not during acute flare ups)

            *  osteoarthritis

            *  chronic fatigue and Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME)

            *  arthritic

            *  fibromyalgia

            *  multiple sclerosis

            *  ankylosing spondylitis

            *  multiple sclerosis


       *as an addition to, not an alternative to, on-going medical healthcare treatment. I may make enquiries about your general health and any medication you might be taking prior to treatment

reduced rates for people living with chronic pain

Massage is a fantastic tool for keeping muscles in good condition and boosting performance. Used as part of a balanced training programme massage can help prevent injury, aid recovery and promote healthy muscle function.


Windrush triathlon club members enjoy a discount with me and the rest of the West Norwood Therapies team, just bring your membership card.

reduced rates for partner members

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